Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

2.10: Industrial Disaster, Part I


  • The party’s investigative efforts begin to pay off:
    • The arsonists break under the threat of execution, and claim that all communication and payment went through a carriage driver named Alfred Eccleston. They also give up the location of their lair.
    • They track down Eccleston, who knows that the letters came from a man who frequently traveled to/from Cauldron Hill, and wore multiple disguises.
    • At the arsonists’ lair, the party finds letters that identify which factories to target. The handwriting on these letters matches the note they received from the shadow man.
    • Looking over the documents recovered from Wolfgang, they discover a connection where many of the factories documented in the report were later targeted by the arsonists and then purchased by proxies of Lorcan Kell.
  • The party, unsure of whether to trust or suspect Macbannin of being involved, heads up to his manor. After talking to him for a few minutes, Delft contacts the party to tell them that the note found in the warehouse (where the party fought the golem) matched Macbannin’s handwriting.
  • At this moment, a massive earthquake begins and witchoil erupts out of the ground. Macbannin orders his butler to “check on the lab”, and he and his house staff attack the party.
  • The party defeats Macbannin, and they tie him up. At his urging, they bring down to check on the lab as well. Once inside, they are attacked by a few flayed jaguars that got loose during the earthquake, but manage to put them down.



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