Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

2.11: Industrial Disaster, Part II


  • The party continues down into the Witchoil Lab with Macbannin in tow. They can hear an alarm going off below them, and the faint sound of bubbling liquid (which they determine is backflowing).
  • They find a confused and groggy Wolfgang von Recklinghausen behind a trapped door, who offers to help the party.
  • When they reach the lower level of the lab, they find that the witchoil level is much higher than normal, and rising. Macbannin faints at the sight, and the party is left to figure out how to prevent disaster on their own.
  • Inspecting the machinery in the lab, they find a large engine that is damaged, a control panel with various speed options, and a valve control wheel near two large pipes labeled ‘Down’ and ‘Relief’.
  • They find supplies to repair the engine and turn it back on, and start fiddling with the controls to figure out how to get the witchoil level down, when Creed (in his shadow man form) and a few thugs pull a surprise attack.
  • On his last leg, Creed yells, “Everything I did, I did for my country!”. Connor pushes him into the reservoir of witchoil, and he dies.
  • With the attackers dealt with, the party finishes adjusting the controls and pumps out enough witchoil to expose the eldritch machine that is creating the witchoil, and they shut it off with its own control panel. They exit the lab and take Macbannin into custody.
  • A week later, the party is called to testify at Macbannin’s trial, but before the trial can begin, he kills himself by repeatedly smashing his head into the wall. There’s no sign of foul play, but Marie doesn’t find his spirit (which is strange).



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