Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.1: The Incident


  • Following the trial, the party was taken off the Macbannin case by Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby, and assigned to other, more mundane tasks like security work. Their latest assignment is the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Expedition.
  • The party walks around and checks out the main pavilions and major tents, as well as the various merchant stalls near their assigned area of the park. They find a few shady characters, arrest a woman who had a barrel of witchoil at her tent (she turned out to be an associate of Lorcan Kell), and investigate the Pemberton Industries tent but are unable to find anything incriminating.
  • They meet Rock Rackus in his tent, who is popular among Dockers for his stories of traveling to exotic locations and escapades with women.
  • They also identify a ring of child pickpockets that is being managed by a middle-aged woman named “Mama”. When they confront her, she shows all of the items that have been stolen, and the party recognizes an amulet similar to ones found at Macbannin’s lab. They agree to let the charges slide in exchange for help tracking down the man it was stolen from.
  • The next day, the party is making their rounds when sudden screams erupt from the crowd. Strange tentacled monsters have appeared and attack the fairgoers. The party fights off the monsters, but not before four people are killed.



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