Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.2: From Fair to Foul


  • The local police arrive on the scene and begin questioning everyone. Three were killed by the tentacled monsters – the son of a nearby shopowner, a wizard with a curious staff, and another random bystander. Marie investigates the staff further and finds that its design is consistent with the Ancients, and that it was what summoned the monsters.
  • The fourth victim was killed by a gunshot to the forehead. Various accusations fly, and Kvarty Gorbatiy, a dwarf who aided in the fight, fires his carbine into the air and claims that he had a high vantage point and saw that it was Rock Rackus who fired the shot. The police enthusiastically beat the crap out of Rock and arrest him.
  • The party is summoned back to RHC HQ to give their report of what happened, and while they are there they are called into Saxby’s office to meet Lord Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill (the head of the whole RHC), who is conducting an audit of this branch to root out possible corruption.
  • They head back out to follow up on leads, and they receive a tip that a big drug deal is going down in Bosun Strand. Daniel goes undercover as Wruce Bayne to get info from a few Dockers around the area, and the group follows the trail back to the Family. When they go to Morgan Cippiano, he offers them a month’s supply of Fey Pepper for them to back off, but they refuse and force him to pay his taxes.
  • When they head back to the fair, one of the child pickpockets finds them and lets them know that the man who the amulet had been stolen from had surfaced. The party confronts him, and he tells them how they can set up a meeting with Kaja Stewart (who sold him the amulet).
  • The party goes to meet Kaja at an under-construction subrail station, and they try to come off as legitimate buyers, but they tip their hand too early and Kaja draws her musket and tries to back away slowly. The party engages, and she lets loose a variety of mechanical minions, but they manage to take her down.



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