Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.3: Mysteries of the Ancients


  • The party apprehends Kaja and takes her to the magical holding cells at RHC HQ, but decides not to interrogate her until the following day. Among her contraband were a sword and amulet that are also both of Ancient design.
  • The next morning, Kat receives a letter from Colonel Sebastian Harlock requesting that she aid The Battalion by stealing one of the monster corpses so it can be studied (since there is no known record of their existence).
  • Everyone in the party got a letter from Lorcan Kell threatening them if they didn’t release Kaja, but by that time she was already dead. The party finds this out when they get to the RHC that morning. At first glance it appears to be a suicide (she is hanging from a belt), but there is a tiny hole in her neck, and multiple people recall her not wearing a belt the previous day.
  • Without any other clues at the RHC, they go to meet with Harlock to check him out and discuss the plan. Later that night they steal one of the bodies from the morgue and drop it off on the specified ship.
  • The only other lead to go on is the large number of Ancient relics that have popped up, so the party meets with a professor who studies the Ancients, Hans Weber. He recognizes the relics as ones that had been found at a recent dig in the High Bayou but had since gone missing. He offers to arrange a meeting with Dr. Xambria Meredith who was in charge of that dig, and was the only survivor of a horrible catastrophe (because she was away picking up supplies).
  • Xambria was clearly still affected by these events despite the fact that they had happened almost 2 months ago, and experiences fits of odd behavior while meeting with the party. She is a bit fuzzy on the details but tries to help out the party however she can. She appears genuinely encouraged at the prospect of getting some answers about what happened at the digsite.
  • Eager to get some answers themselves, the party boards the next train to Bole, walks to the small town of Agate, and from there rents a boat to navigate the High Bayou to reach the Ziggurat of Apet.



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