Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.4: The Ziggurat of Apet


  • At the campsite outside the ziggurat, the party finds some dead bodies, and notices that they had been shifted about. When Qizarld performs a rudimentary autopsy, he finds strange tumor-like bulges inside the body.
  • The party cautiously descends into the ziggurat and begins exploring the interior. Right away they are greeted by some not-so-friendly traps: spears that try to impale people that walk past, colmuns that emit bursts of flame, and an area that produces a crushing force from above.
  • They decide to investigate a room containing, small platforms separated by a pit full of spikes many colored walls of light, and some colored stones on pedestals. The stones trigger bridges and the walls of colored light to appear/disappear.
  • The party is working on navigating the room when they are attacked by floating orbs of light, mutated centipedes, and other strange bug-like creatures. They need to fight off the enemies while they are split on various sides of the room with only some of the bridges up.
  • After they dispatch the monsters, they complete the puzzle and Connor (who touches the last stone) receives a vision of Ancient orcs fighting off similar monsters, and it implies that the monsters can be weakened by directing one’s thoughts at them.
  • In the next room, they find a strange contraption of plates suspended from the ceiling with a large white stone. Shining a light on this stone causes beams of light to shine through the plate and illuminate two locations on a map below – this one, and another, off the coast of present-day Ber.
  • The party explores further and finds a room with a large golden plate up against the wall. After burning the corpses in the room, they move the plate to find a portal to a strange void behind it.
  • This triggers a toxic fluid to start flooding the ziggurat. The party starts carrying the plate toward the map room, but realizes that the ziggurat is filling up too fast for them to be able to make it. They run for it, triggering multiple traps along the way and repeatedly being blocked by mummies popping out of the walls. At the entrance they fight three mummies – the ones from Connor’s vision, who originally owned the three relics that Kaja had gotten hold of. They defeat the mummies and narrowly escape.



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