Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.5: Planar Trails


  • The party emerges from the ziggurat, only to find that every dead thing in a large radius has risen and is heading towards them. The only safe way is up the ziggurat.
  • After they climb to safety, they witness a massive creature destroy the undead in one motion. Several party members recognize it as the Voice of Rot. It commands the party to cut the flesh of the intelligent creature that escaped the ziggurat by following its scent.
  • They use Detect Planar Energy to follow trails of Apet energy back to Flint, stopping in both Agate and Bole to ask the locals but not getting much information.
  • They then use the ritual in various locations in Flint but it’s difficult to get a good read since the trails go all over the place – as if the creature has been in the area for a while.
  • They detect Apet energy in Xambria’s apartment and see signs of a struggle, but Xambria is nowhere to be found.
  • They detect Apet energy on Rock Rackus’ things at the fair (which had been moved under the stage after his arrest). They go talk to him in jail about it and he provides more details about working with Caius Bergeron but otherwise isn’t a whole lot of help. He does offer to bring the party along using his last scroll and will split the treasure with the party if they can get him out of jail, but he also needs to find it first.
  • They are then called to Caius Bergeron’s hotel room where he has been murdered – his lower jaw was unhinged and his brain was completely removed. There is no sign of a struggle, but the party does find a map with the same location they found on the map in the ziggurat, this time with precise coordinates.



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