Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.6: Boarding Action


  • With nowhere else to go, the party decides to head for the coordinates on Bergeron’s map. Connor receives help in the form of some extra sailors from the Lord Viscount Inspector. They set sail and it takes 7 days to reach their destination.
  • They arrive at night and they can barely see a large ship close to the coordinates and two smaller ships close together, a few thousand feet from the the large one. They approach the large ship at dark, and it fires warning shots across their bow, so they decide to wait until morning to take stock of the situation.
  • That morning, the large ship (Il Dracon de Mer) signals with semaphore for them to stay away, so they go over to the two smaller ships to try to figure out what’s going on. They meet up with Dagger, which Xambria chartered from Flint, and La Inspiracion, which the Beran archeologist Paco de Los Loros is on.
  • Xambria explains that she was attacked by some tentacled monster, so she ran to the docks and chartered a ship to get away. She decided to come here because she wanted to prevent another tragedy from happening.
  • Paco is pissed off because Il Dracon de Mer showed up with a bunch of mercenaries and threatened his team away from the digsite with force. He was supposed to be the first Beran archeologist to find Ancient ruins.
  • The party decides to try a stealthy approach, so they quietly row up to Il Dracon de Mer, and are not spotted by the lookouts. They sneak aboard threw cannon holes, and kill many of the mercenaries in their sleep. The lookouts above, as well as the captain, figure out what is going on, but not until their forces have been cut down considerably. The party handles them without much trouble.



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