Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.7: The Wreck and the Ruin


  • The party finds a letter on board the ship written by Bergeron addressed to someone named Finona. It goes into detail about Bergeron’s work at various digsites around the world, and includes precautions one should take when opening these “seals”.
  • With matters under control on board, the party decides to head underwater to inspect the digsite and take care of the team down there. They take a look around, and find an orc druid with a pair of sharks hiding in the ruins, and a fight breaks out.
  • During the battle, a number of other people join the fight, including Finona Duvall, a tiefling summoner who works for Caius and performed cleanup at the Ziggurat of Apet. The party focuses their attacks on the druid Kranto, and his body goes flying into the Seal of Mavisha, which blasts open.
  • A bunch of fishmen and a huge water elemental come out of the opened portal, and these creatures begin attacking everyone in sight – including both the party and Finona’s team. Finona shouts for everyone to help her close the portal, but the party is too busy battling sharks and octopi that were under Kranto’s control (and he can’t call them off).
  • Once the other threats are dispatched, the party finally starts working on closing the portal, but they have enough trouble just getting close enough that the elemental eventually dies from their attacks.



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