Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

3.8: Xambria's Madness


  • Finona realizes that she is too outnumbered to take on the party and surrenders. They question her but she doesn’t have much more to add. She doesn’t have anything interesting on her person other than a gold ring with the inscription “Original Brave Ideas”.
  • Paco thanks the party for giving him his dig back, and Xambria asks to sail alongside the party back to Flint. The party hires a few more sailors from Ber so they can bring back both the Red Rocket and Il Dracon de Mer.
  • On the second night of their voyage, hydras and slime walkers attack Il Dracon de Mer from the starboard side. While they are busy fighting off those monsters, something on the Dagger (which is on the port side of their ship) explodes and it catches fire. When the party goes over to take a look, they find the charred bodies of the Dagger’s captain and crew, but Xambria is missing. They also later discover that Finona has died in exactly the same manner as Caius.
  • Back in Flint, the party reports in and finds out that Hans Weber is looking for them. He received a note a few days prior that he believes is from Xambria, which suggests that she is being mind controlled by some creature, and that it wants try to get the relics. Hans asks the party to provide security for the upcoming Gala where the relics will be unveiled to the public.
  • The next day, some of the constables who are on the Macbannin case ask the party for a second opinion on a crime scene. Only Daniel goes in though, and points out some things the other constables already knew, then leaves.
  • Later, Saxby calls the party into her office to hear the results of the audit. She grills them on pretty much everything, in some cases getting very nitpicky, and often jumping to conclusions. The Lord Viscount Inspector arrives and smooths things over a bit, saying that no one is in trouble but it’s important to nip any bad behavior in the bud.
  • At the Gala, the party sets up some defenses and keeps an eye on the crowd looking for suspicious activity. Qizarld’s Eye of Alarm detects Xambria shortly before she crashes through the skylights above, bringing some implanters and a worm maw with her. She quickly surrenders though, and asks to be cuffed and taken somewhere safe because she’s afraid the thing that’s possessed her might make her hurt more people. The party still has to deal with the monsters though, and a total of six of the Gala’s guests are slaughtered during the attack.



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