Former Duchess of Shale


Quick Facts

Current Status: In Prison
First Encountered: 1.1

Story Developments

The duchess was the main villain of Adventure 1, Island at the Axis of the World. In 1.1 the party thwarted her assassination attempt on the king aboard the R.N.S. Coaltongue. Then in 1.2 the party infiltrated Axis Island (which the duchess had captured from Danor using rebel forces), opening the way for a full naval assault. She was defeated by Asrabey Varal in 1.3 but the party was able to prevent him from killing her in cold blood.

A few weeks later, the duchess was formally convicted of treason and attempted regicide. She was ritually stripped of her title and the magical powers it conferred, but was spared from execution by her brother King Aodhan, and instead was sentenced to life in prison.

From the Dramatis Personae

The king’s sister, Duchess Ethelyn was a commoner before earning her title in the Third Yerasol War. She dislikes industry and leads a coalition of powerful individuals with strong ties to the Unseen Court. She wears extravagant diamond cluster earrings—representing the stars of the night sky—to show her allegiance to the old ways. Accounts tell of her possessing many different types of magic, though many of these could be exaggerated.


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