Eberardo and Valando

Dragonborn Arsonist Brothers


Quick Facts

Current Status: Unknown
First Encountered: 2.5

Story Developments

The party caught Eberardo and Valando while they were preparing to burn down Sechim’s Alkahest & Etchings, but the brothers managed to escape.

A few days later, in 2.8 the party laid a trap for Eberardo and Valando with the help of Morgan Cippiano. He hired the dragonborn to burn down Lorcan Kell’s theater, and provided some Family henchmen to help with the job. The party “conveniently” showed up, interceding after the fires had been lit, and the henchmen turned on the dragonborn brothers. They did not last long against the combined forces, and the party carried them out amidst the rapidly spreading fire within the theater.

During interrogation, the brothers gave up the carriage driver who delivered their targets, and the location of their lair, in exchange for being deported to Ber.

Eberardo and Valando

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