Kaja Stewart

Dimensional Gun Summoner


Quick Facts

Current Status: Deceased
First Encountered: 3.2

Story Developments

The party first found out about Kaja from Isaac Randal, who purchased an amulet from Kaja on the black market, and sets up a meeting for the party when threatened. The party defeated Kaja in combat and confiscated her stolen goods, including Ancient relics similar to the staff that summoned alien monsters at the fair.

When the party returned to the RHC the next morning in 3.3, she appeared to have committed suicide in prison by hanging herself with a belt, but further investigation revealed that she had been stealthily murdered. When Marie questioned her spirit, she explained that she used to work for Reed Macbannin, but when the earthquake hit she stole the relics (and some other items) and ran for it. Since then, she had been fencing items for Lorcan Kell.

Kaja Stewart

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