Lorcan Kell

Thieves Guild Leader


Quick Facts

Current Status: At large
First Encountered: 2.6

Story Developments

The party was lured to Kell’s theater where he “offered” up Wolfgang von Recklinghausen’s location for 1000 gp. They declined, and were allowed to leave unscathed.

After the party hired Eberardo and Valando to burn down Kell’s theater, he has become more cautious and has not surfaced in some time. His new base of operations is currently unknown. His guild has continued their activities, however, and the number of police officers found dead in the Parity Lake district has been much higher than normal the last few months.

From the Dramatis Personae

Alleged head of a thieves’ guild based somewhere in eastern Parity Lake. Once a simple enforcer, he recruited allies and established himself as a power player. The Kell guild is said to be responsible for great amounts of industrial smuggling, petty theft and extortion, burglary, and murder for hire. His guild has no reported history of arson, so the current best suspect of the recent spate of fires is Gale.

Lorcan Kell

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