Margaret Saxby

Chief Inspector at the Flint RHC Branch


Quick Facts

Current Status: Friendly
First Encountered: Before the start of the campaign

Story Developments

Following the events of the Macbannin case, Saxby reassigned the party to other, more mundane work. Rumor has it that she doesn’t like that the party is becoming famous so quickly. They weren’t happy about the decision, but Delft told them to just keep a low profile and it would blow over in a few months.

Saxby delivered the results of the audit to the party, finding every nitpicky reason to be angry with them. She seemed less than pleased that the party had diverted from their assigned security work to go on another wild adventure.

From the Dramatis Personae

A former superstar investigator who cracked many famous cases in her time, Saxby was promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector and transferred to take over Flint operations a decade ago. Lady Saxby was a darling of the public when she married a much younger veteran knighted during the Fourth Yerasol War. People say the marriage was meant simply to improve her standing, and Lady Saxby’s fierce emphasis that she be the face of the RHC is well known among constables.

Margaret Saxby

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