Morgan Cippiano

Local Leader of The Family


Quick Facts

Current Status: Friendly
First Encountered: 2.6

Story Developments

Cippiano invited the party over to his coffee shop after they disrupted the wand smuggling operation. They parted on friendly terms, and later asked him to hire Eberardo and Valando to burn down Kell’s theater.

In Session-3-2 the party tracked a large shipment of fey pepper to the Family, and he offered to cut them in on the deal. They refused, and forced him to pay the necessary taxes.

From the Dramatis Personae

Apparent head of the Flint branch of the burgeoning “Family” criminal syndicate, which is based in Crisillyir. Fond of fashion and fine foods. The Family is attracting a reputation of primarily targeting more violent criminal groups, winning the support of previously oppressed locals who then look the other way as the syndicate smuggles and gains footholds in police and politics.

Morgan Cippiano

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