Nigel Price-Hill

Lord Viscount Inspector of the RHC


Quick Facts

Current Status: Friendly
First Encountered: 3.2

Story Developments

The party met the Lord Viscount Inspector in Margaret Saxby’s office where he announced that he was in town to conduct an audit of the Flint branch. He was pretty clear on his stance against corruption. (Some of the party members may have met him on prior occasions.)

He invited Connor to a soiree at the governor’s mansion. During the party, he took Connor outside and talked to him about the possibility of a promotion. He wanted a hero the people could rally behind, but Connor would have to clean up his act first.

From the Dramatis Personae

The Lord Viscount fought in the Third Yerasol War, and served as an investigator by rooting out profiteering during the war. He later helped thwart several plots to embarrass the new king Aodhan. His most famous success, however, was defeating a group of Drakran necromancers who were trying to animate dragon corpses in the Anthras mountains. Publicly disdainful of corruption, the Lord Viscount has outed several subordinates for putting personal greed ahead of the needs of their country.

Nigel Price-Hill

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