Reed Macbannin

Mayor of the Nettles


Quick Facts

Current Status: Deceased
First Encountered: 2.3

Story Developments

The party needed to get permission from Macbannin in order to go up Cauldron Hill with Nevard Sechim. He agreed, and offered some help and advice before their trip up the mountain, then cleansed them of any afflictions after they made it back down.

After further investigation, some leads began to point back to Macbannin. When the party went back to his manor to talk to him in 2.10, it exploded in a geyser of witchoil. He turned to fight the party but was defeated and apprehended.

Shortly before his trial was set to begin, he killed himself by repeatedly slamming his head into the wall. Oddly, his spirit was not present.

Reed Macbannin

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