Rock Rackus

Docker Extraordinare


Quick Facts

Current Status: Friendly
First Encountered: 3.1

Story Developments

The party first met Rock at the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Fair where he was preparing to perform. He told some of his wild stories to the party, and took a liking to them because they were famous too. When monsters attacked the fair a day later, he tried to help out, but accidentally shot a bystander, and was arrested. (Autopsy later confirm the bullet was made of solid gold, as are all of Rock’s bullets.)

The party later met with him in prison when they detected strong Apet energy on some of his belongings (3.5). He gave them more details about his prior expeditions and his connection to Caius Bergeron. A docker riot was threatening to break out near the police station, and Rock asked the party to try to get the charges dropped since he was just trying to help. In exchange, he offered to take the party with him when he used his last Linked Portal scroll, and split the treasure with them.

Rock showed up at the Gala of the Ancients in 3.8, much to the chagrin of some attendees and bemusement of others. He had been released from prison without the party’s help, but he thanked them nonetheless. He tried to help when Xambria attacked, even though he was unarmed.

From the Dramatis Personae

A one-time dock worker, Rackus stumbled his way to national celebrity through his wild stories and rowdy behavior. He claims to have looted treasures in the Malice Lands, traveled to the moon, and cuckolded the fey king of the Unseen Court. Conservative elements in society view him as a menace, while the dockers see him as a rising star, but no one knows his personal politics. He will be performing at the Kaybeau Arms Exposition.

Rock Rackus

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