Thames Grimsley

Docker Union Leader


Quick Facts

Current Status: Neutral
First Encountered: 1.1

Story Developments

Grimsley pointed out the last of the Dockers who wanted to cause a disturbance at the R.N.S. Coaltongue launch event, and asked the party to talk to Roland Stanfield about improving dock worker conditions, but they promptly forgot about his request.

They later encountered Grimsley in the Thinking Man’s Tavern in 2.2 and he expressed his displeasure with the party for their failure to get conditions improved.

From the Dramatis Personae

A grizzled sailor, still with a full head of hair in his early 50s, Grimsley acts as head of a new dock workers union in Flint. Though he only worked the docks in his youth, Grimsley spent decades sailing—primarily as captain of a ferry service in Flint’s harbor, but with a stint in the navy during the last Yerasol War. He took a gash from a policeman’s knife on the side of his face in the last big docker riot. He has a very stylized public speaking voice, one full of unnecessary, melodramatic pauses.

Recently he tried to speak with Governor Stanfield about improving dockers’ conditions. Grimsley is alleged to be negotiating with Parity Lake factory workers to develop a union for them.

Thames Grimsley

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