Wolfgang von Recklinghausen



Quick Facts

Current Status: Unknown
First Encountered: 2.7

Story Developments

The party learned from eyewitness accounts that Nilasa Hume handed off a bundle of documents to Wolfgang as she was dying on the Danoran Consulate fence. He then took off, chased by the shadow man. The party tracked his initial movements in 2.1 but the trail went cold.

They later found out that he was being protected by Lorcan Kell’s Thieves Guild, and the party decided not to buy off the Kell guild, instead opting to locate him the hard way. They confront him during 2.7 in the Nettles Church in which he is hiding, defeating him and his bodyguards, and when the party interrogates him he decides not to reveal the location of the documents. Immediately afterward he is kidnapped by the shadow man while the party fights off a group of infiltrators.

While the party was exploring the witchoil lab in 2.11, they found Wolfgang inside, and set him free. He helped the party avert disaster, and then left town.

Wolfgang von Recklinghausen

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