Xambria Meredith

Superstar Archaeologist


Quick Facts

Current Status: In prison
First Encountered: 3.3

Story Developments

The party was first directed to Xambria by Hans Weber, a local professor who studies the Ancients at Pardwright University. She was the leader of a team of explorers at the Ziggurat of Apet in the High Bayou where disaster struck – a mishap killed everyone on her team while she was away picking up supplies at a nearby town. She had gone a bit crazy from the ordeal, but wanted to help the party so she could get some answers. Her memory was muddled, but she said she had taken detailed notes in her journal which she left at the digsite (which the party didn’t find when they got there).

When the party returned from the ziggurat, Xambria was missing and there were signs of a struggle in her apartment. (3.5)

They found her at the sunken Ziggurat of Mavisha on a boat she had chartered (the Dagger), near the local Beran archaeologists in charge of that dig. She said she had been attacked by a strange tentacled creature in Flint, and decided to come here to try and prevent another catastrophe. She implored the party to fight off the mercenaries. (3.6)

After the mercenaries and team of specialists had been dealt with, the Dagger sailed back to Risur alongside the party. One night, while the party’s ship was being attacked, the Dagger caught fire. When the party went to take a look, they found charred bodies of the captain and crew, but Xambria was nowhere to be found. Back in Flint, Hans Weber had received a note from Xambria that suggested she was being possessed by some otherworldly creature, and it wanted to try to steal the relics. The party was waiting for her to attack the Gala. She quickly regained her sanity, claiming she was being mind controlled and was trying to fight it, but asked to be locked up for the safety of others. (3.8)

Xambria Meredith

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