Blade of the Ancients

weapon (melee)

Level 7 Rare
Price: 2,600 gp
Weapon: Greatsword.
Enhancement: +2 to Attack and Damage rolls
Critical: +2d6 acid, cold, fire, lightning, and thunder damage.
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to attack rolls with this sword against creatures with origins other than natural.
Power (Encounter): Standard Action. You create a zone which lasts until the end of the encounter in an Area Burst 1 within 10. Choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. Creatures that end their turn in the zone take 5 damage of the appropriate energy type.


This sword is a macahuitl, a shaft of wood that encased saw-toothed obsidian blades long its edge. Within the crystals, energies from countless worlds crackle. When you attack, the wood turns briefly to gold.

Blade of the Ancients

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