Vendetta Bullet


Level 10 Rare
Price: 200 gp
Ammunition: Firearm bullet
Enhancement: +2 to Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls
Property: When you fire this bullet and are targeting the creature whose name is etched on the bullet, if you hit, the attack is a critical hit. If you miss, you instead get a normal hit. If a vendetta bullet has been used against a given target in an encounter, no other vendetta bullets will be effective against the target for the rest of that encounter, even if they’re fired by other people.
Vendetta bullets can only be created by someone who owes fierce vengeance to an enemy, and even then that aggrieved person can only create one vendetta bullet per enemy, and only if he knows the enemy’s name. He can never create a second vendetta bullet against the same person, and if he passes the bullet to someone else, a given shooter can only ever benefit from one such bullet per target. These bullets can be created by people with no magical training; their creation only requires an intense will for revenge.


When a man escapes murder or suffers the death of those he cares for, he can etch the name of the ones responsible onto ammunition, giving physical form to his vengeful desires.

Item History
In Session 2.6, two Vendetta Bullets were given to the party as a gift: One for Eberardo, and the other for Valando.

Vendetta Bullet

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