Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

1.2: Three Towers



  • A week passes since the events of 1.1, and the party learns that while rebel forces have joined the Duchess, a civil war has not broken out as expected. Instead, the Duchess attacked and captured Axis Island, a small island in the Yerasol Archipelago that Danor gained control of during the 4th Yerasol War.
  • The party meets with Lya Jierre, the Danoran Minister of Outsiders, who explains that this attack had created a politically sensitive situation. Many in Danor viewed this as an act of war and wanted retaliation, but this would cause many Risuri people to support the Duchess’ cause. So the plan is for some senior RHC constables (with the party providing backup) to infiltrate the island and open the sea gate, and the Risuri Navy will take back the island with its defenses broken, then hand control back to Danor.
  • The party sails out on the R.N.S. Impossible (the fastest ship in the Risuri Navy) and meets up with the rest of the navy and the senior constables. After finalizing the details, the alpha team sets out first under the cover of darkness, but tragedy strikes when a boulder crushes them on the sea floor, killing three and severely wounding the other. Responsibility falls to the party to carry out the mission in order to avert a war.
  • They enter a sea cave through an underwater tunnel, and are attacked by Nicolas Dupiers, a crazy mine foreman that uses several Golden Icons of various planes to control elemental forces. They defeat him, take the icons, and head out of the cave.
  • They trek across the mountains to the back of the island fort, but encounter some strange things, including a massive golem that leaks a black oily substance, and they are briefly transported to a strange wooded marsh, filled with croaking yellow frogs, where a blue sun sets in a purple sky.
  • Once they arrive at the fortress, they use Passwall to breach the outer wall, and head toward the lighthouse that houses the sea gate controls, alerting several guards to their presence along the way but slipping away before they could be caught. They arrive at the lighthouse, and take out the forces defending it, but not before an alarm was sounded. The sea gate creaks open, and the party uses Pyrotechnics to signal the fleet, but rebel forces are moving to assault them in the lighthouse…
1.1: The R.N.S. Coaltongue



  • The party works crowd security for the launch event for the R.N.S. Coaltongue, and they identify and neutralize some dockers that wanted to protest the event.
  • After the crowd goes through the checkpoint, Thames Grimsley, a docker who is trying to organize a union, asks to speak to the party. He wants them to talk to Governor Roland Stanfield about taking pressure off the dockers so that Grimsley can keep them from rioting. In return, he points out another angry docker who slipped through their nets, and the party takes him down efficiently amidst cheering spectators. They fail to deliver Grimsley’s message, however.
  • As a reward for their superb handling of the dockers, they are allowed to attend the soiree on the Coaltongue’s maiden voyage, where they mingle with some of Risur’s rich and powerful people.
  • Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, the king’s sister, had earlier asked for a place to rest. When King Aodhan was about to make his speech, the party is asked to go and escort her to the main deck. When they arrive at her sleeping quarters, they see her dive out the window, and her handmaiden attacks.
  • The handmaiden, Sokana Rell, was leading a plot planned by the Duchess to blow up the ship and assassinate the king. The party needed to deal with her and her cohorts while attempting to prevent the ship from exploding. Ultimately they defeat the saboteurs, and Marie (using her fire resistance as a Tiefling) is able to shovel firegems out of the furnace quickly enough to save the ship.
  • The king thanks the party for their heroic actions, and delivers a speech where he announces his intention to seek peace with their old enemy, Danor.

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