Tag: Adventure 2


  • Aeriad Bracers

    _Made from the shafts and fletching of arrows, these bracers give you slight control over objects in flight._ *Item History* Relinquished in Session 2.3 Acquired in Session 2.2

  • Hat of Hats

    _You reach your hand into this simple bowler hat, and your hand brushes something fuzzy. Then you pull out the full outfit of a classic stage magician: white gloves, black suit with tails, black pants, polished white and black shoes. When you glance back …

  • Cracked Cauldron

    _Crude images in relief of skeletons devouring people ring the lip of this cracked, black cauldron. Its handle hangs loosely on its hinge, and could be easily slipped off._ *Item History* Found in Session 2.4, and abandoned on top of Cauldron Hill

  • Canary in a Coal Mine

    _From a gold chain dangles a tiny pendant in the shape of a canary, but it turns black as coal in the presence of danger._ *Item History* Currently held by Kat Varn Acquired in Session 2.7

  • Defender Weapon

    _Leather straps around the crossguard hold beads representing your allies, and you can sense their condition as they clack against your fingers._ *Item History*

  • Messenger Wind

    _You cup an invisible orb of winds in your hand. Five golden feathers spin in tiny eddies and currents, and you pluck one from the tiny miniature cyclone, then release the orb. The winds wait until you whisper to the feather and call upon them to deliver …

  • Vendetta Bullet

    _When a man escapes murder or suffers the death of those he cares for, he can etch the name of the ones responsible onto ammunition, giving physical form to his vengeful desires._ *Item History* In Session 2.6, two Vendetta Bullets were given to the …

  • Wand of Egal the Shimmering

    _A foot and a half of simple, pristine gold, this wand is eerily warm to the touch. It bears the profile of an aged man on its handle, his identity unknown._ *Item History* Relinquished in Session 2.6 Acquired in Session 2.5