Character Theme Bonuses and Powers


  • +1 Prestige with Flint
Docker's Jank
Docker Attack
In a band, every musician has to know his bandmates’ parts in case they need to switch places or pick up the slack.
EncounterArcane, Teleportation
Standard ActionClose Burst 5
Effect: You and a willing ally within the burst teleport and switch locations. Your ally may then use a 1st-level at-will power that can be performed as a standard action, with a +2 power bonus to his or her attack rolls.

Martial Scientist

  • Training in History (or another skill if History already trained)
Experimental Strike
Martial Scientist Attack
Scientific breakthroughs are born of both careful study and wild experimentation. Your old reliable attack technique has failed, so it’s time to try option B.
EncounterMartial, Weapon
Free ActionPersonal
Trigger: You miss all targets with an at-will attack power on your turn.
Effect: You may sheathe a weapon or implement and/or draw a melee weapon. You can shift 2 squares and attempt something the rules don’t cover (as detailed in the D&D 4E Dungeon Master’s Guide®), such as slicing a rope to pin an enemy with a chandelier, or smashing a pipe to spray blinding steam on an enemy. After the attack, you may sheathe a weapon and/or draw a weapon or implement.

Spirit Medium

Speak with Spirit
Spirit Medium Utility
With your urging, the spirit of a recently dead person speaks briefly with you.
Standard ActionClose Burst 1
Target: One creature in burst. The creature must have died within the past day, and must still be dead.
Effect: You may ask three questions of the target. For each question make an Arcana, Diplomacy, or Insight check. The DC is based on the target’s level, and is Easy, Medium, or Hard depending on the target’s demeanor toward you when it died and how protective it is of the knowledge. If you succeed the check, the target gives you a short answer, usually a minute or less. At the DM’s prerogative, you could also use this power to communicate with uneasy spirits who have not yet moved on, regardless of how long ago they died. Using this power against undead, or in any combat situation for that matter, is possible but very difficult.

Unfinished Business
Spirit Medium Attack
With a manipulative whisper, you call up the spirit of a recently slain creature for one last attack.
EncounterConjuration, Psionic
Standard ActionClose Burst 10
Effect: Choose a creature that was killed or destroyed this encounter within three miles of your current location. It must still be at 0 hit points or fewer. You conjure the spirit of that creature in a square within the burst. The creature attacks with one of its at-will attacks as if it were alive. You choose the power it uses and make any decisions the power requires, such as targeting or forced movement. The creature gains a +2 power bonus to its attack rolls for this attack, and it deals full damage to insubstantial targets. After the attack, the conjured spirit is removed from play.


Disposable Simulacrum
Technologist Attack
You pull out a pre-assembled gadget, tie it to your life force, and animate it so it can recreate one of your fighting techniques.
EncounterArcane, Summoning
Minor ActionRanged 1
Effect: Choose an at-will power you know that can be used as a standard, move, or minor action. You place a Small contraption in an unoccupied square within range. It has your defenses, speed 4, and hit points equal to half your bloodied value. The contraption cannot move on its own or manipulate items, unless the at-will power you chose lets it do so. You can give the contraption the following special command as long as it is within 10 squares of you.
Standard Action (At-Will): The contraption uses the at-will power you chose, using your normal statistics, as if you were in the contraption’s square. If the power is sustainable, you can spend actions to sustain it. You cannot enhance the power with power points.

Yerasol Veteran

  • +1 Prestige with Risur
Display of Heroism
Yerasol Veteran Utility
Seeing an ally in peril, you rush into harm’s way and cover his escape.
Standard ActionPersonal
Effect: Shift 3 squares. One bloodied or unconscious ally adjacent to you can spend a healing surge and may stand as a free action. You may then switch spaces with that ally. You and that ally gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.

Character Theme Bonuses and Powers

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